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Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public at the meeting







The Assembly received a petition containing 1050 signatures requesting the Council to provide safe access between Wincobank and Meadowhall by implementing further road safety improvements on Tyler Street and Barrow Road. This was in response to a Wincobank resident that was struck by a speeding car on Tyler Street on 4 July 2012.




Bridget Ingle (the petitioner organiser) and a relative of the Wincobank resident spoke in support of the petition and requested the Council to take action.




RESOLVED: That the petition now received be submitted to the next Full Council Meeting on 5 September 2012.




Public Questions




Responses were provided to public questions as follows:-





Roman Ridge






Concerns were raised at the length of time a road had been closed due to drainage work and the short notice given to residents that access to the car park at Roman Ridge would not be available.






It was noted that this issue would be raised with relevant officers in Development Services and local Councillors would be kept informed.






Tree Maintenance at Norwood and Bishopholme






An issue was raised that tree maintenance work at Norwood and Bishopholme had not been carried out on the correct trees and the trees were still causing problems.






Alison Rayner (Community Assembly Manager) stated that she would raise this issue with officers and ask that they provided a response to Jean Shutt.






Tree Problem on Fairbank Road






Alison Rayner (Community Assembly Manager) stated that she would raise with officers the problem with the tree outside the property now mentioned on Fairbank Road and ask that they provided a response to Norma Hallatt.






Children’s Heart Unit in Leeds






 It was noted that there was a website to support the campaign for the Children’s Heart Unit to remain in Leeds.






Councillor Jackie Drayton stated that the City Council had supported the Unit staying in Leeds and she referred to the piece of work undertaken by the Council’s Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care

Scrutiny Committee on the location of the Regional Heart Surgery Centre of Excellence.






Open Spaces/Tree Maintenance






Councillor Peter Price stated that the condition of the parks and open spaces was better than ten years ago. It was for the Council and local communities to work together and make the best use of the funding available.






Councillor Sheila Constance stated that officers would clear the area of open space now mentioned and the trees at the flats would also be trimmed.






Shiregreen Road -Safe Cycle Route






Councillor Jackie Drayton stated that she would raise with Highway Officers the suggestion of a cycle/pedestrian pathway on Shiregreen Road.






Activity Sheffield Job Advertisements






Alison Rayner (Community Assembly Manager) stated that the Activity Sheffield posts were appointed until 31 March 2013 as they were part funded by the Community Assembly and the funding was approved on an annual basis.






Councillor Peter Price indicated that there would be a report back on Activity Sheffield activities in the area to a future meeting of the Assembly.






Sandstone Road Planning Application






It was noted that the application for housing development on Sandstone Road had been refused by the West and North Planning and Highways Area Committee.






Barnsley Road






Councillor Alan Law stated that he would reply to Mr Ibbotson on the issue now raised relating to Barnsley Road.