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Agenda item

North East Assembly Highways Budget 2012/13

Report of the Highways Link Manager/Community Assembly Manager.




The Highways Link Manager and North East Community Assembly Manager submitted a joint report which set out the principles for the allocation of £40,000 for highways schemes in the Assembly area in 2012/13. Simon Botterill (Highways Link Manager) gave a presentation on the proposals.




Public Questions




In responses to questions from a member of the public, Simon Botterill indicated that the location of the first 20 mph zone in the Assembly area would be decided by the Cabinet Highways Committee based on a recommendation from Assembly Members. There would be an opportunity to comment on the Traffic Regulation Order for that scheme. The schemes for the first two years would be agreed shortly, after which the 20 mph zones would be decided on a ‘worst first’ accident basis.




Decision Taken




RESOLVED: That the North East Community Assembly delegates authority to the Assembly Manager, in consultation with the Chair of the Assembly, and having regard to recommendations made by Ward Councillors, to allocate the Highways Budget of £40,000 in 2012/13.




Reasons For The Decision




The purpose of the Highways Budget is to respond to local requests for Highways improvements.  The 2012/13 budget of £40,000 will only allow for small schemes to be implemented in this financial year and these require further discussion to ensure maximum value for money is received by combining with the Highways Private Finance Initiative work.




Alternative Options Considered and Rejected




Funding one scheme within the whole Assembly area was considered but it was felt that with the funding available, more residents of the Assembly area would benefit from funding smaller schemes across the Wards.


Supporting documents: