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North East Assembly Discretionary Budget

Report of the Community Assembly Manager.



The Community Assembly Manager submitted a report containing proposals for the allocation of the remaining funds in the Assembly’s 2012/13 Discretionary Budget.




Public Question




In response to a question from a member of the public, the Community Assembly Manager indicated that the funding was not drawn from any other budgets but was unallocated funding from the Discretionary Budget.




Decision Taken




RESOLVED: That the North East Community Assembly:-





allocates funding from the Assembly’s 2012/13 Discretionary Budget to the following:

·             £9,436 from the Assembly-wide allocation pot to be placed into an area-wide Quick Wins fund;

·             £13,334 from the Burngreave Ward to be allocated into the Ward’s Quick Wins Pot;

·             £13,251 from the Firth Park Ward to be allocated into the Ward’s Quick Wins Pot;






delegates authority to the Assembly Manager, in consultation with the Chair of the Assembly and having regard to any views expressed by Ward Councillors, to allocate funding from the Assembly-wide Quick Wins Pot and the Quick Wins Pot from all four Wards;






delegates authority to the Assembly Manager, in consultation with the Chair of the Assembly, to allocate funding to further the Assembly’s Community Plan priorities as identified within the report where, in the opinion of the Assembly Manager, such funding needs to be provided before the Assembly meeting in October 2012 to allow sufficient time for the project/service to be delivered; and






authorises the Director of Community Services, in consultation with the Director of Legal Services, to agree the terms on which all funding referred to in the report is made available and to enter into such funding agreements with recipients of the funding and any other related agreements or arrangements, and on such terms, that the Director considers appropriate.





Reasons for The Decision




The purpose of the Discretionary Budget is to help fulfil the priorities of the North East Assembly Community Plan, which have been identified through consultation with local residents, groups and partners.




The North East Assembly Community Plan priorities are:

·             Clean, tidy, green streets to be proud of

·             Improved parks and green open spaces

·             Community support and people getting on together

·             More things for children and young people to do

·             Neighbourhoods where people feel safe

·             Improved roads and public transport

·             Improved local housing and the built environment

·             Reducing health inequalities: add years to life and life to years

·             Getting people out of poverty and into work

·             Increase educational attainment and aspiration, and reduce school exclusions.




All the projects to which funding will be made available from the Assembly wide or Ward pots will contribute to one or more of these priorities.  Allocating funding to Quick Wins Pots allows flexibility in the awarding of grants.




Alternative Options Considered




It was considered to allocate funding to specific projects but allocating to Quick Wins Pots gives the flexibility to vary levels of funding between different projects depending on need.


Supporting documents: