Agenda item

Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public.



The Committee did not receive any questions from members of the public prior to the meeting.



The Committee received the following questions from members of the public who attended the meeting to raise them:


(a)  from Glyn Hannnan, Brindley and Mundella Tenants and Residents Association.

Mr Handley stated that cars were being stolen due to poor lighting on the Brindley Estate.  This issue had been mentioned at the previous meeting of the TARA committee and the Police representatives there had promised to follow this up but nobody had been to see them and it seemed to have been forgotten.  Mr Handley wanted an update.

The Chair advised that the South LAC Team would make relevant enquiries and provide a written response to the questions raised.


(b)  From Viv Lockwood on behalf of Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group.


Re. Archer Lane:

1.    Why do traffic monitoring exercises need to be continued in the area?

2.    Why does it take 5 weeks to re-open Archer Lane?

Mr Lockwood also offered his thanks to the Members of the Committee who had helped with the campaign to re-open Archer Lane.


The Chair advised that the South LAC Team would make relevant enquiries and provide a written response to the questions raised.


Councillor Marieanne Elliot stated that she was disappointed that people wanted the safety measures removed. She read out a letter that she had received from a teacher at Mercia School stating that the school had supported the closure of Archer Lane for safety reasons and now they felt that a rat run was being prioritised over neighbourhood safety and that children would be endangered as a result.


(c)  From a resident of London Road who was concerned about the rat problem in the area.


Councillor Ibby Ullah advised that he had been aware of this problem when he was elected in May and since then he had made sure that the area was cleaned twice a day and the situation had improved. Additionally, some of the commercial bins had been removed.  He would look into the matter further.


(d)  From Glyn Hannan


Mr Hannan stated that pavements were being blocked locally by people parking on them around Brindley Estate.  This had been raised with Estate Services who said they could not assist, and then with the Police, however he had not been happy with the Police’s proposed response time.  Parking Services had not been able to enforce, as there were no yellow lines.  Additionally, there was a space which was meant for emergency vehicles, but which was not clearly marked. He asked for somebody to come and look at the issues.


Councillor Ian Auckland suggested that this should be pursued via Estate Management and that the Councillors would attend the next TARA meeting.  The South LAC Team will also raise this question with Parking Services and provide a written response.


Councillors discussed the “Park Safe” Scheme which had been trialled in North Sheffield, where Police had agreed to investigate obstructive parking upon receipt of a photograph. Either a Fixed Penalty Notice or advice could be issued.  Councillors hoped this scheme could be extended to the rest of Sheffield and encouraged citizens to let the Police and the Council know that it should be a priority.


An attendee stated that a lady who lived on her road (Sheldon Road) had a mobility scooter but had not been able to use it as she could not navigate the pavement due to vehicles obstructively parked.  This had been reported but not acted on for two years. She asked that her local Ward Members from Nether Edge and Sharrow raise this on behalf of the community.