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Community Infection and Prevention Control Service



The Committee considered a report of the Director of Public Health which outlined why a Community Infection Prevention and Control Service was needed, the proposed model, costs and funding source for this service with an aim to put it in place in the 23/24 financial year.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Adult Health and Social Care Policy Committee:


-       Approve the allocation of £250,000 (maximum) per year for three years with an overall allocation of £750,000 from the Public Health Grant reserve for the purpose of increasing capacity for Infection Prevention and Control and agree to commission a Community Infection Prevention and Control Service, as set out in this report.




Reasons for Decision












To put in place a Community Infection Prevention and Control service to support providers and ensure that the city has adequate measures in place to support infection prevention and control across key service areas.


To improve the levels of good practice in Infection Prevention and Control by providers of services commissioned by Sheffield City Council and the Integrated Care Board


To fund this service using the Public Health Grant which is provided to Local Authorities to ensure that the objectives of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy are met and the Public Health Outcomes Framework measures are improved.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected






Alternative options have been considered and the options are:


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