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Central Local Area Committee Spend Report

Report of Adeel Zahman – Community Services Manager



Adeel Zahman, Central Local Area Committee Manager, provided an update on the






Local Area Committees (LACs) were established by Full Council in May 2021.  Their Terms of Reference are set out in Part 3 of the Council’s Constitution and include:


  • To agree a Community Plan setting priorities for the area of the committee, monitor delivery of that plan and keep it under review; and
  • To make decisions relating to funding as delegated from time to time by the Council to fit with the priorities set out in the Community Plan and following engagement with the community. 




 The Central LAC Budget Report 2023-24 :


  • Sets out details of the spend in respect of the initial budget of £100,000 for 2022/23 that has been authorised by the Community Services Manager, in consultation with the LAC Chair and Committee in accordance with the delegation granted in September 2021; and

  • Describes funding allocated to the LAC for 2023/24 and sets out proposals for its allocation and expenditure for 2023/24 in line with the Central LAC Community Plan.




Mr Zahman advised that further information relating the funding allocation for the Cost of Living crisis would be brought to the next meeting of the Central Local Area Committee, due to take place in November 2023.




RESOLVED: That the Central Local Area Committee:-


(a)  Notes the committed spend from 2022/23 as detailed in the report; and


(b)  Agrees the use of the 2023/24 LAC budget of £25,000 per ward as described in the report against the Central LAC Community Plan including the underspend from 2022/23.



Reasons For Decision

The Central LAC is asked to approve the broad allocation of funding under the priority headings identified to assist its ability to monitor its budget, and to authorise the Community Services Manager in consultation with the LAC Chair and Committee to approve expenditure above the current delegated authority in certain circumstances so that delivery of the Community Plan is not delayed.




Alternative Considered And Rejected

This report is in line with the previous decision of September 2021 regarding expenditure below £5000, the Central Community Plan agreed on March 2022.




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