Agenda item

Feedback from Breakout Discussions



Following the breakout session, one person from each group was asked to feedback their groups thoughts. A summary of the feedback presented was as follows:


City Goals


  • How could the goals be ‘real’ and part of what every organisations were working towards?
  • How do communities and individuals contribute to the goals, particularly those who had been working in difficult circumstances?
  • How do we think about new ways of decision-making and governing to make sure we are making progress?
  • What is a ‘good citizen’ and a ‘good partner’?


Castlegate – Levelling Up


  • The Castlegate development was an exciting opportunity
  • Making the river accessible was essential for Phase 1
  • There was support for seeking funding via the South Yorkshire Mayor
  • The environmental and economic benefits of a park were noted


Heart of the City


  • What do we need to do to make it feel like a community?
  • Important to get the right facilities, eg public toilets, health care facilities
  • It is a mixed community, so important to think about affordable and social housing, and decent sized homes, sustainable housing
  • Important to consider homelessness issues
  • How to make the area more appealing, eg providing bins, controlling graffiti, reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Look at funding for converting empty spaces




Councillor Brian Holmshaw, Chair of the Committee, thanked participants, and noted that it was important to consider the cumulative impact of individual decisions relating the city centre.