Agenda item

DASS Local Account and Annual Performance Report


9.1         The Committee received a report of the Strategic Director of Adult Care and Wellbeing which sought to approve the publication of Sheffield’s Local Account for Adult Social Care for 2022/23.






RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Adult Health and Social Care Policy Committee:


-        Approves the Local Account 2022-23 for publication

-        Thanks members of the Local Account Co-Production Group for their time and contributions in creating the Local Account




Reasons for Decision









The Local Account highlights our strengths and areas of challenge for 2022 to 2023 and sets out priorities for the future. It emphasises our journey towards enabling people to live the life they want to live and in particular enabling people to live independently at home.


Having a Local Account builds in transparency and accountability in relation to reporting on adult social care performance.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected









Sheffield City Council could opt to not publish a Local Account for 22/23. However, the council would then need to find a different way to demonstrate the statutory duty of accountability for the Director of Adult Social Services.


We believe the Local Account is the best way to demonstrate the statutory duty of accountability.


Supporting documents: