Agenda item

Work Programme

Report of the Director Policy and Democratic Engagement



The Principal Democratic Services Officer introduced the report which contained the Committee’s work programme for consideration and discussion. The aim of the work programme was to show all known, substantive agenda items for forthcoming meetings of the Committee, to enable this committee, other committees, officers, partners, and the public to plan their work with and for the committee.



Suggestions were made in regard to:


a)    Moving the Housing Subsidy Loss item to the work programme for March 2024.

b)    Adding the Improvement Plan for full Gas Regulation Compliance to the work programme for March 2024.

c)     Climate Statement action plan timelines.

d)    Resolutions made from Full Council and how they have been dealt with. It was agreed the Chair would liaise with the Director of Housing and Neighbourhood Services to see how this could be taken forwards.


The Chair reiterated that the Climate Statements referral would be dealt with as an item on the agenda.





1.      The Committee’s work programme, as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed, including any additions and amendments identified in Part 1;

2.      Consideration be given to the further additions or adjustments to the work programme presented at Part 2 of Appendix 1; and

3.      Members give consideration to any further issues to be explored by officers for inclusion in Part 2 of Appendix 1 of the next work programme report, for potential addition to the work programme.



Supporting documents: