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Sheffield Football Club - Proposed New Development at Meadowhead

Update from Jim Lomas, Regional Director, DLP Planning Ltd





A presentation, subsequently published on the Council’s website regarding the proposals for a new development to accommodate Sheffield Football Club and Sheffield Eagles, was delivered by Jim Lomas, Regional Director, DLP Planning Ltd.  The presentation outlined the details of the proposal, the actions taken to date and the public engagement.  Information was also given regarding timescales for the submission of planning permission for both the schemes at Meadowhead and at Dronfield.



The following information was given by Jim Lomas in response to questions from members of the public:-

  • Regarding concerns about the effect on air quality, an air quality assessment would be carried out and a report was being prepared, however the fact that use of electric cars was on the increase should also be taken into consideration.
  • The proposals to improve Meadowhead Roundabout would decrease emissions.
  • Parking Wardens would be used to tackle any unauthorised on street parking.  A permit system would be in place for residents.
  • There would be sufficient parking on site to serve the number of seats in the stadium.  This was worked out according to ratios set by the Council and by FIFA.
  • Customers would receive an allocated parking space with their ticket.
  • A Traffic Management Plan would be in place, and this would include a point of contact for the public to raise any issues.
  • Elected Members had the ability to stop the development from taking place via the Planning Application process.



The Chair read out the following information that had been provided by the Head of Planning regarding the planning application process:


“The Council's Online service enables documents to be viewed online. For those without IT access, there is the option to view at local libraries (Greenhill and Woodseats), as well as at Howden House, Union Street. Staff would be present at these venues to assist navigating and understanding the website service for those who would find that to be helpful. The Case Officer and/or Planning staff members would be available to help answer any questions on the details of the proposals at any point.


The application will be assessed through the course of its determination process, and ultimately a recommendation will be put to the Planning Committee. As part of the Planning Committee meeting there will be opportunity for individuals to speak and to raise comments and to input into the decision-making process at that stage, as well as in the written forms already flagged up.


Your local councillors can also assist with publicising the proposals, advising on how to submit comments, and convening wider discussion if required.”



The following information was given by Jim Lomas in response to further questions from members of the public:-

  • He could arrange for correctly sized paper copies of plans to be available at libraries for inspection by the public as it was acknowledged that they could be difficult to interpret from smaller image on a computer screen.
  • No extensions to the planned shorter stadium stand were anticipated at present but if this was done in the future the parking ratio would have to be reconsidered accordingly and a further planning application submitted.
  • He was aware of the potential repercussions on the accommodation of Sheffield Amateur Radio Club, however this would have to be negotiated with the Football Club, as it was not within the remit of the Planning Agents.
  • There was some Park and Ride provision as part of the proposed scheme, with shuttle buses proposed from Dore and Totley, Sheffield City Centre and Dronfield. Jordanthorpe Parkway would not be appropriate for Park and Ride as it was not on the planned route for away supporters.
  • It was anticipated that the use of the stadium for Rugby matches would have higher attendance than the football use.
  • There would be a display of historic items in the stadium relating to the Football Club, which were currently held at Dronfield.
  • Parking would be available for Coaches.
  • Parking permits for residents on match days were part of a suite of measures to prevent on street parking, but it was not anticipated that the proposed scheme would generate the level of parking that some of the public were concerned about.
  • It was hoped that the facilities would be utilised by Meadowhead School.
  • There were no plans to use the stadium as a music venue.  If this did happen in the future it would be subject to a separate licence application which would be in the remit of the City Council



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