Agenda item

Adult Care and Wellbeing Budget, Risk Management and Financial Governance



The Committee considered a report of the Strategic Director for Adult Care and Wellbeing which sought to provide the following:


-       Assurance regarding delivery on the financial recovery plan in 2023/24

-       Timeline for business planning for the 2025/26 financial year

-       Updates on the Use of Resources Delivery Plan

-       Overview of risk management approach in Adults Care and Wellbeing

-       Proposed changes to charges for the protection of people’s property




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Adult Health and Social Care Policy Committee:-



1. Approve the proposal to update property charges.

2. Note the update to the financial forecast for the delivery of savings in 2023/24.

3. Note the updates on governance and risk management.

4. Request updates on progress with implementation through our Budget Delivery Reports to future Committee.




Reasons for Decision





These recommendations are made to support strategic planning and operational decisions that are necessary for the long-term sustainability of adult health and social care and the long-term benefit of people in Sheffield.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected











For the proposal to update the charging policy for property searches and storage. The alternative option would be:


1. To maintain the current disparity on charging. This option was rejected as there was no basis to favour one group of people over another for cost of conducting property searches.


2. To provide storage for free. This option was rejected as there is a cost against public funds to provide the service. Storage has been provided free of charge, incurring costs that could otherwise be used to provide care and support. The proposed schedule of fees offers good value for money for those who benefit from it. Establishing the principle of charging for this specific service is also a prudent step should external storage facilities be required in the future.


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