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Government Consultation - Street Trading and Pedlary Laws - Compliance with the European Services Directive

Report of the Chief Licensing Officer



The Chief Licensing Officer submitted a report informing Members of a consultation paper that had been released by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, regarding the new proposed draft regulations, amendments to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, and seeking their comments on the draft response of the Licensing Authority, which was attached at Appendix ‘A’ to the report.




Steve Lonnia, Chief Licensing Officer, indicated that the Licensing Authority was generally in favour of the new proposed draft regulations. 




In response to questions from Members of the Committee, Mr Lonnia  stated that officers had similar concerns regarding the fact that the legislation does not define the minimum age a Pedlar could be and that whilst there was nothing the Licensing Authority could do about this, it had sought the views of the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board, and the Board’s views had been included in the consultation response.  In terms of the extent of Pedlars operating in the City Centre, he stated that although there had been a reduction in the number of Pedlars following the action taken by officers in December 2012, it was expected that the numbers would gradually increase throughout 2013.  He added that this issue was a particular problem as the Licensing Service had no specific budget for enforcement, but officers would continue to liaise with the City Centre Management Team and the City Centre Ambassadors. 




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-





notes the contents of the report now submitted, together with the responses to the questions now raised; and






approves the response to the consultation on Street Trading and Pedlary Laws, as set out in Appendix ‘A’ to the report, for submission to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.


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