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Public Question in respect of Parking Income




Mr Nigel Slack referred to item 9 on the agenda for the Session ‘Parking Services Income’. He commented that the report indicated that the additional roll out of the system would cost £10,000 and the transaction fee a further £15,000. The report suggested that these costs will be covered by improved income from the ‘Pay and Display’ system by changes to the ‘terms and conditions’ concerning machines that were out of order and by improved take up of the ‘RingGo’ system itself.




Mr Slack further commented that appendices to the report gave great detail on the current parking charges in force in the City that were the source of the income in the ‘parking account’. Mr Slack believed that what was missing, however, was any overall information on the income and expenditure of this account that would enable the Council or the public to consider the efficacy of the system or the changes proposed.




Mr Slack therefore asked will the Council provide information on the total income for this account, from the three identified income streams, the details of expenditure of this account and the resulting surplus generated and the details of the way this surplus was delivered?




In response, Councillor Leigh Bramall commented that a written response would be provided to Mr Slack. He believed that further work was needed on the terms and conditions of the RingGo system and he would comment further on that under that item.




New Petitions




John Bann, Head of Transport, Traffic and Parking Services, reported that a petition, containing 5 signatures, had been received requesting a pedestrian crossing on Glossop Road. This would be added to the petitions list and a response provided at a future Session.




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The Cabinet Member received and noted a report of The Executive Director, Place submitted a report setting out the position on outstanding petitions that were being investigated.


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