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Commons Act 2006 - Fee Setting – Landowner Statements under Section 15A

Report of the Chief Licensing Officer.



The Chief Licensing Officer submitted a report outlining changes to the Commons Act 2006, which came into force on 1st October, 2013.  The purpose of the report was to ask Members to agree a fee in respect of the Landowner Statements under Section 15A of the Act.  A breakdown of the estimated fees was attached at Appendix “1”.




Carolyn Forster informed Members that the proposed fee of £320 on applications for Landowner Statements had been derived through calculations of officer time in carrying out the application requirements and process as prescribed by the regulations, including, the placing of notices on the land and keeping an up-to-date register. Notwithstanding that the regulations do not provide fee amounts, the power to set the fee falls to the Authority and the fee must be reasonable for the application type.  Carolyn Forster added that the proposed fee will be reviewed to ensure that amounts charged are proportionate to the Authority’s costs.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:




(a)       notes the contents of the report now submitted; and




(b)       approves the proposed fee of £320 for applications for Landowner Statements under the Commons Act 2006, with the fee being subject to review at any time.


Supporting documents: