Committee Details

Consideration Sub-Committee (Audit and Standards)

Purpose of committee


The Audit and Standards Committee is responsible for promoting high standards of conduct by Councillors and Co-opted members, overseeing the Members’ Code of Conduct and considering complaints that a Member may have breached the Code.


Where a complaint has been referred for investigation, the Monitoring Officer will refer the Investigating Officer’s report to the Consideration Sub-Committee. Further information is available in the Procedure for Dealing with Standards Complaints.


The Council has appointed Independent Persons to help the Monitoring Officer and the Committee in considering complaints about Councillors and Co-opted Members.


The membership of the Sub-Committee is taken from the Audit and Standards Committee and will comprise three Councillors and one Independent Non-Voting Co-opted Member.


As the meetings deal with individual complaints, they may not be open to members of the public.


Whilst recording is allowed at Committee meetings under the direction of the Chair, meetings of the Consideration Sub-Committee may not be suitable for recording due to the nature of some of the evidence to be given and the Chair will use discretion to decide if recording is allowed. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.


Contact information

Support officer: Sarah Hyde, Democratic Services Team Manager. Email: