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Issue - decisions

Non-City Centre Parking Developments

31/05/2017 - Non-City Centre Parking Developments

Proposed tariff changes set out in the report will help to better manage parking demand in areas and times when demand is demonstrably and dramatically outstripping supply.


The Cabinet Member therefore resolves that:-


  • The hourly tariff within the Non-City Centre Parking Zone be increased to 70p per hour, with a maximum daily charge of £4.50 where time limits allow;


  • in the Highfield Controlled Parking Zone only, tariffs be reduced to a maximum of £2.80 for the full charging period of 8am to 6.30pm in the current 10 hour maximum stay bays and that the 10 hour maximum stay restriction be removed in these bays;


  • the free parking period available to motorists in the Non-City Centre Parking Zone be extended to 20 minutes;


  • these tariff changes above, which are detailed in Appendix B of the report, be implemented as soon as practicable and these revised pay and display tariffs be kept in place until any future amendment be agreed


  • any increased surplus parking income which may arise from the tariff changes proposed in this report are to be used in developing proposed parking initiatives which will be the subject of further reports; and


  • no changes to the city centre tariffs or parks car parks tariffs are made.