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Young Peoples Substance Misuse Service

23/07/2019 - Young People's Substance Misuse Service


The Interim Executive Director, People Services, submitted a report setting out the proposed approach to recommissioning drug and alcohol treatment and support services for children and young people aged 10 to 18 in Sheffield separate to, and alongside, the adult treatment service as part of an all age approach.  The current contract ends on 31st March 2020 and falls within the Council’s public health duties.




RESOLVED: That Cabinet:- 





approves the proposal to recommission young people’s substance misuse services as set out in the report, to secure services for the support and treatment for the children and young people of Sheffield with substance use needs; and






delegates authority to the Director of Commissioning, Learning and Inclusion, in consultation with the Director of Finance and Commercial Services and the Cabinet Member for Children and Families, to agree the final procurement strategy and approve a contract award following the tender process.





Reasons for Decision




Good quality drug and alcohol support services are essential to help individuals turn their lives around and build stronger families and communities in Sheffield.




The Council has a duty to provide drug and alcohol treatment and support services for the people of Sheffield.  The Council is not best placed to deliver these required services, so recommissioning is recommended.




The current legal contractual arrangements in place for  both adult and young people services expire on 31 March 2020.This process will ensure continuity of aligned services, with improved access and transitions, to deliver against the Drug Strategy 2018-2022. 




The service will be based on local need and trend analysis, and performance data for current service provision will inform where change and improvement is needed for the forthcoming contract period.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The Young People Substance Misuse Service has been provided by the Council for 15 years and is a key plank of the local Drug Strategy.  The current contract cannot be extended and the opportunity is to recommission the service in line with the adult substance misuse service as part of an all age approach.




Another option would be for the Council to deliver the service in house; this has been rejected for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the service model involves a significant element of clinical expertise.  Secondly, the Council has no experience of delivering the service, and there is a well-developed market of qualified and experienced potential providers.  Finally, the Council has no systems in place for clinical supervision of a workforce, licences to hold medication, or provision to manage safe prescribing, and the cost of making the necessary arrangements would be disproportionately high and poor value for money when existing, fit for purpose options exist in the market.




Any Interest Declared or Dispensation Granted








Reason for Exemption if Public/Press Excluded During Consideration








Respective Director Responsible for Implementation




John Doyle, Interim Executive Director, People Services.




Relevant Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee If Decision Called In




Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care.