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Care Home Payment Model Change Implementation

11/03/2020 - Care Home Payment Model Change Implementation

That the Council will move to implement a new care home payment model which will allow the Council, and the care homes with which it contracts, to make a transition whereby care homes are paid their fee gross by the Council as opposed to net of the resident’s contribution, and care home residents are charged their contribution by the City Council as opposed to their care home.


That this change will not affect the payment arrangements currently in place between the Council and the Care Homes with which it contracts.


That when the Council begins the new process of raising invoices for care home residents these will be raised once a month, every four or five weeks, in arrears. 


That, under the new arrangements, third party top up payments will also be paid directly to the Council.


That the anticipated transition to the new arrangements will be September 2020 with authority delegated to the Director of Adult Social Care to decide the exact date once further detailed engagement with the sector has been undertaken.