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Procurement of a Kitchen, Worktops and Associated Products Supply Contract to support the Repairs and Maintenance Service

23/10/2020 - Procurement of a Kitchen, Worktops and Associated Products Supply Contract to support the Repairs and Maintenance Service


The Executive Director, Place, submitted a report seeking authority to procure the contracts for the supply of fitted kitchens, worktops and associated products to support the Repairs and Maintenance Service in line with the contents of the report.




RESOLVED: That Cabinet:-


(a) approves the tendering of the fitted kitchens, worktops and associated products supply contract via an existing compliant framework as outlined in the report; and


(b) delegates authority to the Executive Director of Place, in consultation with the Director of Finance and Commercial Services and the Director of Legal and Governance to:


(i)            decide the award of the new contracts to the successful suppliers chosen by the Council following the procurement; and


(ii)          take all other decisions necessary in order to meet the aims, objectives and outcomes of the report which are not already covered by existing delegations in the Leaders Scheme of Delegations.




Reasons for Decision




The procurement will enable the Council to:


  • Have a compliant mechanism in place to meet the service requirements, whilst allowing for a thorough review in the medium term to identify any further savings/efficiencies as part of the ongoing Repairs & Maintenance TOM (target operating model) project.


  • Harness any immediate savings and economies of scale that can be realised by re-engaging the market, any savings realised that can be cashable in nature will contribute to the services’ savings targets.


  • Realise the Councils Social Value ambitions by driving further value added impact through this supply chain.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Alternative Option 1 – Do not Procure.


If the Council did not carry out this procurement then the Repairs and Maintenance Service would not be able to maintain the Council’s Housing Stock fully.


We are bound by the Public Contracts Regulations and Council Governance to conduct a procurement where the level of financial spend indicates this, alternatives around the route to market will be options appraised, considered and benchmarked and fully documented in the Procurement Strategy.




Alternative Option 2 – Extend the contract with the current supplier.


The current contract has expired and there are no further extensions possible under the framework agreement




Alternative Option 3 – Conduct a full OJEU compliant SCC Tender


The option to conduct a standalone tender was ruled out as there was no option to open up the specification and include other manufacturers.  The JTC kitchens are fitted in almost every Council rented property which has been upgraded under the Decent Homes programme over time. Kitchens from other manufacturers are not completely interchangeable and sizes do vary, making the responsive repair of these kitchens and the component parts very difficult.


Given the specification can only be met by one manufacturer there is no competitive market to approach. Value on this will be driven by a competitive offering via a Framework and harnessing the economies of scale these bring. In addition, much due diligence on the supplier has already been satisfied which does save time and resource compared to conducting a full tender.




Alternative Option 4 – Conduct a further competition under a fully OJEU compliant Framework.


The option to conduct a further competition under a Framework has been considered but again has been ruled out for the same reasons as in option 3. There is no opportunity to accept a bid from another manufacturer who’s products will not be compatible with the items we have installed.




Any Interest Declared or Dispensation Granted








Reason for Exemption if Public/Press Excluded During Consideration








Respective Director Responsible for Implementation




Laraine Manley, Executive Director, Place




Relevant Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee If Decision Called In




Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee