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Carers' Strategy Update and Commissioning Plan

18/03/2021 - Carers' Strategy Update and Commissioning Plan


The report gave details of:

  • the proposed strategy update for carers.
  • the proposed commissioning plan for carers.
  • A proposal for the Council to tender for and award a contract for a service that supports adult/parent carers with information advice and guidance as well as support to take a break from caring. Adult carers will be able to get a Care Act (2014) section 10 carer’s assessment.
  • A proposal to have a grant agreement with Sheffield Young Carers which will contribute to a service that helps young carers achieve outcomes such as increased confidence, self-esteem, resilience and raised aspirations.


The contracts are currently provided by Sheffield Carers Centre and Sheffield Young Carers however, due to changes in the marketplace and COVID-19 the Council seeks to have new carers provision in place for January 2022. 


The current contracts end on 31st December 2021.


Securing new services will provide support to young carers, parent carers and adult carers who care for someone who lives in Sheffield. This will support the Council to prevent, reduce and delay care and support needs developing within the carer population of Sheffield which is currently between 60,000-90,000.  




RESOLVED: That Cabinet:-



  1. Approve the refreshed Young Carer, Parent and Adult carers strategy ‘Principles’;


  1. Approve the new ‘Carers Commissioning Plan 2021-2025’;


  1. Approve the proposed services as set out in this report and to procure such services in line with this report; and


4.    Delegate authority to the Director of Strategy and Commissioning in consultation  with the Director of Legal and Governance Services, Director of Finance and Commercial Services and the lead Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care that following such procurement exercise to award the contract and take such other necessary steps not covered by existing delegations to achieve the outcomes and objectives of this report.




Reasons for Decision




The preferred option is that Cabinet approve the Carers Framework update. This will allow the council to continue supporting carers who are fundamental to the success of our health and social care systems and communities. This is the preferred option because it reduces several risk factors for the Council (including legal, economic, and reputational) and means the council can continue to support carers in a prevention focused way. It is especially important that we do what we can to identify and support young carers. Their education, health and wellbeing and life opportunities/aspirations should not be negatively impacted due to their caring tasks/duties.


The intended outcomes are:

Updated ‘Carer Principles’ that we can create actions against – April 2021

Updated Carers Commissioning Plan 2021-2024 available on our website – April 2021.

Updated carer provision in place for young carers, parent, and adult carers – January 2022. 




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Strategy and Commissioning recommends that Cabinet approves the carers strategy ‘Principles’ refresh. The Young Carer, Parent and Adult Carer Strategy ran until the end of 2020. In consultation carers and organisations/stakeholders that engage with carers voted to refresh the strategy rather than start with something new. This was because there had been significant progress made due to the Carers Action Plan. To maintain momentum partners will sign up to a refreshed version of the Carer Principles and this will be used to drive multiagency support of those caring for someone living in Sheffield. The alternative is to not have an updated strategy, and this wouldn’t promote the message that the Council values the work unpaid carers do in our communities.




The existing Commissioning Plan 2016-2020 has recently ended. Strategy and Commissioning recommend that Cabinet approve the new Carers Commissioning Plan 2021-2025. It is important that the Council is clear about what it will do to support carers to set a positive example in the city. If providers and stakeholders are aware of our priorities and what we’re trying to achieve, this will make multiagency/joined up working easier. The more aligned the Council is with other organisations (and vice versa) the better it will be for carers. Commissioning and Strategy wants to promote a ‘no wrong doors’ approach. As we’re replacing our existing carer services, the Council needs to state what our commissioning intentions are too. The alternative would be to not update the current Commissioning Plan. This would not help encourage best practice and joined up working. It is very important that health and social care work together with carers services to identify new carers.




Strategy and Commissioning recommends that Cabinet approves five more years of expenditure on provision for carers. This will amount to approximately £1,130,000 per year or £ 5,650,000 over five years. Morally/ethically, it is more important than ever to support our carers due to the significant impact of Coronavirus. Legally we need to fulfil our local authority duties in relation to carers too. Continuing to fund provision for carers will benefit carers but it will also benefit the broader health and social care systems too. It will allow us to continue to raise the aspirations of young carers and improve their life chances and that will ultimately benefit the local economy. The alternative would be to not fund carer provision which would create legal and reputational risks as well as risks to our local economy, health, and social care systems. The Council would need to plan what to do with thousands of carers who currently receive support from existing provision.




NB Sheffield Young Carers (from January 2022) will receive grant funding rather than being paid via a commercial contract. The alternative would be to go through a competitive procurement process. This was ruled out as an option as:

The Council only received one tender application the last time we went through procurement. Providing carer support is a niche market. Sheffield Young Carers make the young carers contract work as they draw down lots of additional funding and blend it with the Council’s money. Without this added value, it is thought that no other provider could deliver the specification requirements for the price. The council would need to spend more money.




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Respective Director Responsible for Implementation




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