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Fee Setting - Electric Vehicle Charging Units

19/02/2021 - Fee Setting - Electric Vehicle Charging Units

1.    That the price charged to motorists using the council’s Rapid Vehicle Charges is initially set at 30p per Kilowatt hour used for the first 60 minutes. After 60 minutes this will increase to a flat rate fee of £10 per hour.


2.    That the charges are introduced by Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) and therefore subject to the consultation required before the effect of an ETRO may potentially be made permanent at the end of its experimental period.


3.    The Director of City Growth has authority, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Transport and Development, to make future changes to the fee motorists pay to use the council’s electric charging infrastructure, where this supports effective management of demand for parking and contributes to wider traffic management objectives. This is provided they are not altered by an amount greater or less than the rate of 1p per Kilowatt hour or the Retail Price Index plus 1% from the date they were last increased, whichever is the greater.