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Reduction In Use Of Glyphosate Pesticide On Land Managed By Sheffield City Council

27/09/2021 - Reduction In Use Of Glyphosate Pesticide On Land Managed By Sheffield City Council


Approval was sought for the Co-operative Executive to review the use of glyphosate on land managed by Sheffield City Council and make reductions in its use in a managed and targeted way.




RESOLVED: That Co-operative Executive:-


  1. Agree to review and reduce the use of Glyphosate on land managed by Sheffield City Council in a managed and targeted way;


  1. Agree that Parks and Countryside cease using Glyphosate in the new season (April 2022) and assess the impact of these changes (using this work to help guide further changes across the city);


  1. Agree that two cemeteries (Norton and Beighton) undertake Glyphosate free trials for 2022;


  1. Agree that two Glyphosate free trials are undertaken on Housing land.  Further detail on these trial areas will follow, as will full consultation and communication with Ward Councillors and residents;


  1. Agree that a Glyphosate free trial take place on land managed within the Streets Ahead contract in Brincliffe – exact details to be discussed and agreed;


  1. Agree that communication work be undertaken across the city highlighting the importance of these changes, why they are needed and how residents can participate;


  1. Agree that consultation work be planned and carried out as the impacts of the changes become known to allow residents to share their views; and


  1. Agree that a further report detailing the outcomes of these trials be brought to a future Cooperative Executive meeting for consideration.




Reasons for Decision




Approval of the recommendations will allow:

  • An immediate reduction in the use of glyphosate on Sheffield City Council land
  • Trials in the reduction of use of glyphosate to assess the implications for Bereavement, Housing and Highways land
  • The opportunity to work with residents in the city to promote the need for this action and the part everyone can play in responding to the Nature Emergency


This will achieve an important step in the city’s response to the declared Nature Emergency.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The option to ‘do nothing’ was considered and discounted considering both the declaration of a Nature Emergency and the support received for the petition against the use of glyphosate.




The option to cease use of glyphosate on all land immediately was considered and discounted due to both the unknown financial implications and the necessity to ensure that our land can continue to be maintained to safe standards ensuring continued access for residents in the city. 




Any Interest Declared or Dispensation Granted








Reason for Exemption if Public/Press Excluded During Consideration








Respective Director Responsible for Implementation




Interim Executive Director, Place




Relevant Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee If Decision Called In




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