Issue - decisions

Agency Staffing Provision

16/12/2021 - Agency Staffing Provision

That the Leader of the Council:


  1. Approves the extension of the Reed Talent Solutions contract, to enable continuity of service during an unprecedented challenging time, which will accommodate a more detailed assessment of the options;


  1. Approves HR and Commercial Services engagement with Elected Members, Senior Officers, Hiring Managers and Trade Unions to gain views on the future of temporary staffing during the agreed extension period;


  1. Approves HR and Commercial Services to work with Reed Talent Solutions to continue to exploit further Agency savings opportunities whilst increasing social value interventions during the two-year extension period; and


  1. Delegates authority to the Executive Director of Resources, in consultation with the Director of Finance and Commercial Services and the Director of Legal and Governance to:


  • agree the terms of the extension.


  • take all other decisions necessary to meet the aims, objectives and outcomes of this report which are not already covered by existing delegations in the Leaders Scheme of Delegation.