Issue - decisions

Objections to the Traffic Regulation Order for 20mph Scheme in Woodseats

23/06/2022 - 20mph Speed Limit Scheme in Woodseats


To report details of the consultation response to proposals to introduce 20mph

speed limits in Woodseats, report the receipt of objections and set out the

Council’s response




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee:-


1. agrees to make the Woodseats 20mph Speed Limit Orders as advertised, Speed Limit Order as amended in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984;


2.Inform objectors accordingly;


3. Introduce the proposed 20mph speed limits; and


4. Introduce part time, advisory, 20mph speed limits on part of Chesterfield Road




Reasons for Decision




The adoption of the Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy established the principle of introducing sign-only 20mph speed limits in all suitable residential areas. Reducing the speed of traffic in residential areas should, in the long term, reduce the number and severity of collisions, reduce the fear of accidents, encourage sustainable modes of travel and contribute towards the creation of a more pleasant, cohesive environment




The former Executive Member has made it clear that 20mph speed limits should continue to be introduced in residential areas in accordance with the City’s 20mph Speed Limit Strategy as funds allow.




Having considered the response from the public and other consultees it is recommended that the 20mph speed limit in Woodseats be implemented as, on balance, the benefits of the scheme in terms of safety or sustainability are considered to outweigh the concerns raised.




It is also recommended that a part time, advisory 20mph speed limit be introduced on Chesterfield Road outside Woodseats Primary school for the same reasons.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




In light of the objections received consideration was given to recommending the retention of the existing speed limit in Woodseats. However, such a recommendation would run contrary to the delivery of the Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy. This would also mean that pedestrian and cyclist safety would not be improved, and this would be detrimental to the Council’s Active Travel ambition and vision of Safer streets in our city.