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Fee Increases for Bereavement Services

30/06/2022 - Fee Increases for Bereavement Services


This report seeks approval for the proposed fee increase for Bereavement Services in 2022-23. Bereavement services proposes to increase fees by 4% for burials, cremations, and memorials (rounded up to the nearest £5), with some exceptions as outlined in the report. Fees are rounded to keep prices straight forward and a cap of 5% has been applied to ensure no item is disproportionately affected.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee agrees a general 4% increase (rounded up to the nearest £5 and capped at 5%) to Bereavement Services fees and charges, alongside the specific changes listed in the report.



Reasons for Decision




Raising fees as outlined is recommended to offset additional costs caused by significant rises in inflation and the cost of living, notably on items such as gas, fuel, machinery and supplies.








Alternatives Considered and Rejected


Increasing fees by 2% would not generate the additional income required to respond to budget challenges and would require a reduction in the quality of services provided.