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Application for Trailblazer Status for New Programme Funding

30/06/2022 - Application for Trailblazer Status for New Programme Funding


To gain the approval for Sheffield to apply for TRAILBLAZER status in the upcoming new government funded programme. See details below regarding Family Hub & Start for Life programme. At the autumn budget, the government committed £300 million for 75 upper-tier local authorities to deliver Family Hubs / Start for Life services over the next 3 financial years




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee gain approval for Sheffield to progress to the application stage for Trailblazer status. Key contacts from the Local Authority have been part of the focus group for information about trailblazers and Sheffield is seen as having positive outcomes with regards to family centres development, infant feeding support and parenting programmes across the city.



Reasons for Decision




Some additional funding in year one to enable rapid delivery on the menu of options for the funded services.




Join a network of England wide trailblazers where they can share learning and troubleshoot.




Be identified by central government as a national leader in the implementation of the programme.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected


If the decision is not approved then Sheffield will receive allocated funding for the programme with no enhanced opportunities for the communities and the city