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Active Travel Neighbourhood ETRO Review: Nether Edge

26/09/2023 - Active Travel Neighbourhood ETRO Review: Nether Edge


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director-City Futures setting out an analysis of the effect of the implementation of an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) in Nether Edge, including the results of formal consultation, along with feedback received pre and post formal consultation.


The consultation sought the views of residents, visitors to the area, businesses, local groups, institutions, and statutory groups to inform a decision on whether or not the Council wished to progress towards making the changes permanent or not





RESOLVED: That the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee:


1)    Note the assessment of the impacts of the Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) layout;

2)    Consider the results of the formal consultation, and feedback received post formal consultation;

3)    The ETO is not made permanent and the Archer Lane road closure is removed

4)    A permanent Traffic Regulation Order is promoted for the double yellow lines associated with the Osborne Road and Psalter Lane pedestrian crossings which should be retained on a permanent basis

5)    Authorise officers to carry out further design work and engagement to identify appropriate permanent options and report back to a future meeting; and

6)    Note that the Council’s Traffic Regulations team will inform all consultation respondents accordingly;

7)    Authorise officers to progress the formal revocation of those elements of the ETO which were not implemented




Reasons for Decision




During the pre-experiment phase of the Nether Edge Active Neighbourhood consultation respondents said that they would like to see a reduction in traffic, improved crossings, and safer areas for children to play.



The perception surveys have consistently shown that most people perceive that the project has had more negative than positive impacts and the majority are opposed to it. For example, 69% of self[1]selecting resident respondents said that the project had negatively impacted congestion, 60% said the same for through-traffic and 74% said journey times had been negatively impacted by the project. 52% said that traffic speed had also been negatively impacted and less than a third said they would support the project.



The survey undertaken using a sample (thus moving away from self - selection) is more positive, especially from residents. For example, two in five residents (38%) suggest that the area now feels like a safer environment for walking and almost a half (47%) said they would support the project.



Members considered the results of the perception surveys in making a decision to not make the closure of Archer Lane permanent. The committee noted that there were a significant majority of people welcoming the introduction of the crossings and therefore the double yellow lines supporting the crossings along with the crossings themselves will be made permanent.





Alternatives Considered and Rejected


Option A - End the Experiment


Ending the ETO without making a permanent Order would not include the retention of the double yellow lines that support the pedestrian crossings provided during the trial and that will be made permanent.