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Community Buildings Policy and Community Asset Transfer Policy

28/03/2024 - Community Buildings Policy Adoption and Associated Pilot Project


The Executive Director Neighbourhood Services submitted a report setting out a proposed approach to build a sustainable and asset-based approach to Community Buildings, working closely with stakeholders to do so. It seeks to enable priority work to begin with a number of organisations and community buildings, whilst committing to the longer-term development of the policies, skills and resources we need to deliver into the future.


Members recognised the need to reassure communities and organisations that use community buildings that the Council is fully committed to explore the full range of options and opportunities in respect of the proposed approach to community buildings and emphasised the need for Members and officers to make this point absolutely clear in discussions with such local communities and organisations. The Council is fully committed to work with all of the stakeholders in our communities and to take an inclusive approach to the development of policies and supportive structures to deliver the Community Buildings Review and officers are to redouble their efforts to clearly explain to all relevant organisations what this proposed review entails.




Councillor Joe Otten proposed an amendment, seconded by Councillor Penny Baker, to delete officer recommendation 3 set out in the report ((c) below).


On being put to the vote, the amendment was lost. (NOTE: The result of the vote was FOR – 5 Members; AGAINST – 7 Members; ABSTENTIONS – 0 Members).




RESOLVED: That Strategy and Resources Policy Committee:-




(a) agrees to adopt the Community Building Policy as detailed in Appendix A to the report;


(b) agrees the proposal for a Community Building Pilot in the South Local Area Committee area, to inform the development of the revised future Community Buildings Policy;


(c) agrees the proposal to prioritise the review of 22 Housing Revenue Account funded Community buildings (see Appendix B) across the city as part of the Pilot; and


(d) agrees that the findings of the pilot project will inform a revised Community Buildings Policy which will be developed working closely with voluntary, community and faith sector representatives and submitted to Strategy and Resources Policy Committee within 12 months.




Reasons for Decision




The interim Community Buildings Policy will allow the Council to work in a consistent and proactive manner, setting out a clear, transparent the management of Community Buildings. It will enable the Council to make decisions on a number of historic Community Asset transfers that have not been able to progress given the current lack of a policy. As part of these policies the Council will continue to work with local organisations to ensure that a range of initiatives are in place to support the development of strong and sustainable communities.




The policy sets out a framework for elected members, council officers and voluntary and community organisations to provide clarity on the process the management of Sheffield City Council’s Community Buildings.




The proposed Community Buildings Pilot will fully inform a revised Policy which will ensure that full consultation takes place with the community supported by the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector. The development of a revised policy, working with stakeholders, will deliver a better quality, and more sustainable approach to our Community Buildings in the future.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Do nothing.

Continue to manage and deliver Community Buildings as per the current provision.




As part of the Council’s Accommodation Review, its Community Buildings / Assets have been considered. As well as these being managed in an inconsistent way across the Council, it is also important that they provide good quality facilities in the locations that the local community need them and that they are in a good serviceable condition and Health and Safety compliant (building safety), all within an affordable financial model.




To ensure that these requirements can be met, and the community effectively supported through Community Building provision new Community Building and Community Asset Transfer Policies need to be implemented.




(NOTE: The result of the vote on the resolution was FOR - 7 Members; AGAINST - 5 Members; ABSTENTIONS – 0 Members