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Register of interests

Councillor Neale Gibson

I, Councillor Neale Gibson a Member of Sheffield City Council give notice that I have the following Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs), as required by Section 30 of the Localism Act 2011, and other interests, as required by the Council's Code of Conduct for Members

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation See note 1
You Your spouse or partner
Director (Mowbray Accounting Ltd, Mowbray Business Ltd, Domains UK Ltd, Red Sea Dream Ltd, Red Sea Dream (Egypt) Ltd, Archers Country Preserves Ltd, Sheaf Brook Ltd, 838 Ltd) Director (Red Sea Dream (Egypt) Ltd)
2. Sponsorship See note 2
You Your spouse or partner
The Labour Party None
Walkley Ward -
Election expenses -
3. Contracts See note 3
You Your spouse or partner
None None
4. Land See note 4
You Your spouse or partner
838 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8TD -
70 blake Street, Sheffield, S6 3JR -
5. Licences See note 5
You Your spouse or partner
None None
6. Corporate Tenancies See note 6
You Your spouse or partner
None None
7. Securities (shares, debentures, bonds) See note 7
You Your spouse or partner
Mowbray Accounting Ltd Red Sea Dream (Egypt) Ltd
Mowbray Business Ltd -
Gemfish IT Ltd -
Brober Ltd -
Domains UK Ltd -
Red Sea Dream Ltd -
Red Sea Dream (Egypt) Ltd -
Portland Works Ltd -
Fordhill Farm Ltd -
Sheffield Renewables Ltd -
Wortley Hall -
8. Other Interests - Bodies to which you have been appointed or nominated to by the authority as its representative See note 8
Sheffield City Trust
SIV Limited
Seven Hills Leisure Trust
Upperthorpe Healthy Living Trust
Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Audit Committee
9. Other Interests - Public authorities or bodies exercising functions of a public nature See note 9
10. Other Interests - Bodies directed to charitable purposes See note 10
Seven Hills Leisure Trust
Sheffield Good Food Trust
Walkley Community Centre
LGBT Sheffield
Gar Gar Foundation
National Trust
Upperthorpe Healthy Living Trust
11. Other Interests - Bodies one of whose principal purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy See note 11
Labour Party
GMB Union
Co-Op Party
Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
LGBT Sheffield
Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine
12. Notification by Member of a Local Authority of offer of Gift or Hospitality over the value of £10.00 See note 12
Details of offer - date, name of donor, amount and nature of gift Accepted/Declined inc. reason
11/01/2015-19/01/2015 - Government of Somaliland - Flights, accommodation, transport, food in Somaliland Accepted - Opportunity to establish links between schools and organisations in my ward and LAP Area and the residents of Somaliland, and to help support and understand Somaliland community in Walkley