Register of interests

Councillor Simon Clement-Jones

This register of interests was published on Thursday 2 September 2021, 1.26 pm.

I, Councillor Simon Clement-Jones a Member of Sheffield City Council give notice that I have the following Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs), as required by Section 30 of the Localism Act 2011, and other interests, as required by the Council's Code of Conduct for Members

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
You Your spouse or partner
Self Employed Computer Consultant (CDE Systems Limited, 143 Rushdale Road, Sheffield, S8 9QD) None
2. Sponsorship
You Your spouse or partner
None None
3. Contracts
You Your spouse or partner
2021 - Date: JLG Power Towers Ltd None
2021 - Date: Dore Village Society
2020 - Date: D&M Packaging Limited
2020 - Date: Kingston Maintenance & Building Services Ltd
2019 - Date: Chrystal Consulting Limited
2019 - Date: R.A Baker Glaziers
2019 - Date: Mines Rescue Service
2018 - Date: Tachart Bolt and Nut Ltd
2018 - Date: Granta Laboratories
2018 - Date: Budgen Motor Group
2018 - Date: Morgan Highfield & Land
2017 - Date: Yorkshire Building Society
2017 - Date: Cascade Water
2017 - Date: Lillekers Engineering
2014 - Date: T&C Training
2013 - Date: Granta Pneumatics and Automation
2011 - Date: Resolve IT Limited
2010 - Date: Delta Resins Limited
2010 - Date: Trakker Products Limited
2009 - Date: Aire Valley Catering Limited
2007 - Date: Portobello Fabrications
2002 - Date: SOHAS
4. Land
You Your spouse or partner
143 Rushdale Road, Sheffield, S8 9QD None
5. Licences
You Your spouse or partner
None None
6. Corporate Tenancies
You Your spouse or partner
None None
7. Securities (shares, debentures, bonds)
You Your spouse or partner
None None
8. Other Interests - Bodies to which you have been appointed or nominated to by the authority as its representative
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority
9. Other Interests - Public authorities or bodies exercising functions of a public nature
10. Other Interests - Bodies directed to charitable purposes
11. Other Interests - Bodies one of whose principal purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy
Liberal Democrat Party
Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors
Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists
12. Notification by Member of a Local Authority of offer of Gift or Hospitality over the value of £10.00
Details of offer - date, name of donor, amount and nature of gift Accepted/Declined inc. reason