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Alternatively you can visit the officer decisions page for information on officer delegated decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Decisions published

06/01/2022 - Mayoral Combined Authority Borrowing Order Consent ref: 2966    Recommendations Approved

At present the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (“SYMCA”) has borrowing powers limited to its transport functions. Under the Local Government Act 2003 these powers can be extended by regulation to include any function of an MCA. In accordance with s23(6) of the Local Government Act 2003.  The making of such a regulation requires the consent of the constituent members of the MCA.  In the case of SYMCA that includes Sheffield City Council.


Decision Maker: Executive Director, Resources

Decision published: 21/01/2022

Effective from: 06/01/2022


In accordance with section 23(6) Local Government Act 2003 the Council consents to the making of regulations that extend the existing borrowing powers of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority to include all its functions.

Lead officer: Eugene Walker

06/01/2022 - Cultural Gifts Scheme acquisitions to be held by Sheffield Museums on behalf of Sheffield City Council ref: 2965    Recommendations Approved

The purpose of this report is to seek approval to accept artwork that has been gifted to Sheffield City Council via the Cultural Gifts Scheme.


Decision Maker: Executive Director, Place

Decision published: 20/01/2022

Effective from: 06/01/2022


That the Executive Director, Place:


  1. Approves Sheffield City Council accepting the 13 pieces of artwork offered through the Cultural Gifts Scheme; and


  1. Approves the Council entering into the Deed of Gift.



Lead officer: Rebecca Maddox

13/01/2022 - Omicron Business Grants ref: 2963    Recommendations Approved

As a result of the Omicron variant and resulting restrictions, the Government has released a further allocation of Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding to Local Authorities to enable them to provide direct grants to businesses that have suffered from a loss of trade.


Urgent approval is required to enable the immediate delivery of grants to support eligible businesses who have experienced a loss of income over the recent period.



Decision Maker: Leader of the Council

Decision published: 14/01/2022

Effective from: 13/01/2022


That the Leader of the Council:-


1)    Accepts the amount of Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) provided by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority for this scheme;


2)    If not provided direct as a Section 31 grant, accepts the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant funding provided by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority for this scheme;


3)    Approves the ARG scheme as set out in section 1.3.3 of the report;


4)    Where not already covered by the Leader’s Scheme of Delegation, delegates authority to the Executive Director of Resources, in consultation with the Executive Member for Finance and Executive Member for Inclusive Economy, Jobs and Skills, to take decisions to implement the scheme as outlined in the report and receive any further allocations of ARG and develop and implement business support schemes within the ARG guidance available at that time; and


5)    Notes the implementation of the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant scheme as required by Government.




Lead officer: Ben Morley

12/01/2022 - Appointments to Chief Officer Posts in the Place and People Services Portfolios - Approval of Salary Packages ref: 2954    Recommendations Approved

The report provides details of the recruitment exercises being conducted in relation to certain Chief Officer posts within the Place and People Services Portfolios and seeks approval of those salary packages which are above £100,000.


The approval of such salary packages is a function reserved to full Council.  However, with the full Council meeting in January having been cancelled in the light of the current situation regarding Covid-19 cases, this decision is to be taken by the Chief Executive.


Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 12/01/2022

Effective from: 12/01/2022




(a)  the information contained in the report of the Director of Human Resources and Customer Services on the recruitment exercises for certain Chief Officer posts within the Place and People Services Portfolios, be noted; and


(b)  approval be given to the salary packages for the posts of Executive Directors of City Futures and of Operational Services, which are above £100,000.




Lead officer: Paul Robinson