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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
HR & Payroll System Contact / Learning Management System Contract ref: 395403/04/202403/04/2024Not for call-in
Sheffield Connect - City Centre Bus ref: 395315/03/202415/03/2024Not for call-in
Adult Care and Wellbeing Providing Support, Market Sustainability Commissioning Plan 2023 - 2025 ref: 395020/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Adult Care Strategy Delivery and Service Performance Update ref: 394920/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Adult Care and Wellbeing Budget, Risk Management and Financial Governance ref: 394520/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Occupational Therapy, Equipment and Adapted Housing and City-Wide Care Alarms, Technology Enabled Care Update ref: 394720/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Q3 Budget Monitoring ref: 395220/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Carers Strategy Annual Report ref: 394820/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Adult Care Working with People Delivery Plan ref: 395120/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Adult Safeguarding and Ensuring Safety Delivery Plan Update and Safeguarding Board Annual Report ref: 394620/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Housing Cleared Sites Maintenance Contract 2024-28 ref: 393321/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Conditions of Tenancy ref: 392421/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Response to DLUHC Consultation on Awaab's Law ref: 393221/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Housing Capital Programme - 2023/24 Quarter 3 Update ref: 393121/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Q3 Budget Monitoring Report ref: 393021/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Response to DLUHC Consultation on the Competence and Conduct Standard for Social Housing Staff ref: 392921/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Rough Sleeping Programme- Extension of Health Interventions - Grant Funding to Primary Care Sheffield ref: 392821/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Private Housing Standards Intervention and Enforcement Policy Review ref: 392721/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Financial Impact of Temporary Nightly Paid Accommodation - B&B on Hostel Subsidy Loss ref: 392621/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Housing Repairs Policy ref: 392521/03/202421/03/2024Not for call-in
Equality Objectives 2024- 28 and Annual Equality Report including Workforce Report for 2022-2023. ref: 387412/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
Period Equity and Menopause Awareness Charter ref: 387512/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
A Framework for Growth: Principles and Themes ref: 387812/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
LGA Peer Challenge Progress Review ref: 388012/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Quarter 3 Budget Monitoring ref: 387712/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
Work Programme ref: 389712/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
Community Buildings Policy Adoption and Associated Pilot Project ref: 387612/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
Flag Protocol ref: 387912/03/202412/03/2024Not for call-in
Annual Update of the Building Successful Families Programme ref: 393919/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
The Creation of a Task and Finish Group to Oversee Work to Develop Practice and Policy in Relation to Home to School Transport ref: 394319/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Commissioning of a Social Care Case Management System ref: 393619/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Pupil Outcomes in Sheffield School Settings and the impact of the Learn Sheffield Commission ref: 394019/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Review of Fostering Payments ref: 393719/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
School Calendar 2025/26 ref: 393519/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Update Report from the Strategic Director of Children’s Services  ref: 394419/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
An Update on Work Related to Race Equality by Children’s Services ref: 394219/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Update on the Development of a Children’s Services Belonging Framework ref: 394119/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Renewal of Contract with Nexus Multi-Academy Trust to Deliver the Medical Needs Education Service ref: 393819/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Q3 Budget Monitoring ref: 393419/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Employment and Skills Strategy Update ref: 392020/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Economic Recovery Fund - Round 2 Update ref: 391920/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Q3 Budget Monitoring ref: 386120/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Changes to the Constitution: Part 4 – Financial Procedure Rules (Financial Regulations) ref: 391718/03/202418/03/2024Not for call-in
Advertising and Sponsorship Policy ref: 391618/03/202418/03/2024Not for call-in
Capital Approvals Month 10 (2023/24) ref: 391518/03/202418/03/2024Not for call-in
2023/24 Quarter 3 Budget Monitoring Report ref: 391418/03/202418/03/2024Not for call-in