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Reduce council tax

We the undersigned petition the council to reduce council tax.

As we all know the council tax covers our services e.g police, street bin collections, fire service. Now as a member of the public amd a sheffield council tax payee, the fire service are always on time and bin collections are made. However the police are never there when needed at the relevent time or are they true to there word on keeping us safe when we need it! This is has been prooven on more than enough occasions. Personally for myself has been in this very serious situation and so have my close family and friends. The police service get more council tax paid towards thier services than the fire crew services which 1 risk there lives more, 2 are always there on time and 3 actually save lives! Police have been prooven to underwork and also lie to the public! They have been prooven to not have a full duty of care or have they been true to thier word as they should do! I have spoken with many people, family and friends included and 8/10 have said the police are useless! This is disgusting statistics to say they are rewarded the most part of council tax other than the sheffield city council themselfs. Something needs to be done. This petition will proove that the police service within sheffield is not to standards and needs approaching. By the signatures achieved hopefully there is some faith in the sheffield city council something will be done! Either a reduce in council tax or better police service for the public, weather that be extra funding in training or a pay rise to recruit more police teams to do thier jobs. It is getting more than ridiculous in more than just certain areas of sheffield.

Started by: Callie Jackson

This ePetition runs from 14/12/2021 to 25/01/2022.

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