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Demolition of Outhouses @ Busk Meadow

We the undersigned petition the council to uphold the commitment they reneged on in the demolition of the structurally unsafe, health hazard, visibly unsightly outhouses they once more backed out of demolishing.

Residents that has been tenants of the occupied flats has stated that this has been going on for well over fifteen years and they feel as if their voices doesn't matter. The council made about three, possibly more attempts or lack therefore to demolish these outhouses and has found reasons to suit them to back out.

We are no longer having that. As a leaseholder I need it demolished with urgency. The building has Asbestos, which we all know is a health hazard. The building is crumbling and beyond unsightly. Most importantly it is dangerous. The buildings are situated in a communal area where the children plays as there are no parks on the estate it has become unsafe for children to play there with the crumbling of the buildings and the collapsing of the adjoining wall.

Having the council do a botch job of "mending it" isn't an option and one that all residents bar two (members of the same family) isn't overlooking. I own one of the outbuilding and as it's dilapidated I have no objections to it been demolished.

I want the council to act as if this was in an upscale area. In a Fulwood this would not have even been a debate. We the residents aren't listening to any excuse but one for a date of demolition in the very near future.

Started by: Cadine Plunkett-Thompson

This ePetition ran from 09/06/2022 to 19/07/2022 and has now finished.

10 people signed this ePetition.