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A recycling bin, box or bag to recycle glass

We the undersigned petition the council to provide a recycling bin, box or bag for glass. Do you wonder why the Sheffield household waste and recycling service is so expensive to run. It is because in the brown bin we recycle plastic, metal and glass, yes glass. Glass is expensive to recycle and it is even more expensive to recycle when it is in the same bin as metal and plastic. When recycling goes to be sorted, metals and plastics need sorting, but glass should go in a container of its own. So I am asking Sheffield Council to give Sheffield households the choice of a bin or box or, for households that don’t have much glass, a bag. We Sheffield households can also do our bit to make a difference to Sheffield Council and Sheffield taxpayers can help to save hundreds of pounds every year Also, many councils collect glass in a separate bin, box or bag, and if Sheffield Council did the same, it could also save them hundreds of pounds every year.

We should also remember in the uk and around the world we household and councils are Recovering from the pandemic and that has send cost E.g Council tax
Bills and other every day essentials out of most people reach.

So if we start by recycling glass properly maybe we will be on the right road to recovery.

Started by: MohammedFaysal Ansar

This ePetition runs from 04/10/2022 to 31/01/2023.

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