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End the closure of Archer Lane

We the undersigned petition the council to Remove the traffic blocks on Archer Lane and restore the original traffic signs and road marking.

The closure of Archer Lane to vehicles has added to the appalling congestion on main roads in the area especially Abbeydale Road. Traffic has increased on Sheldon Road, Carterknowle Road , Bannerdale Road and Edgedale Road where vehicles ignore the 20MPH speed limit. This closure combined with that of Little London Road has added to journey time in the area resulting in an increase in the amount of fuel used and more pollution from queuing traffic.
Archer Lane is a steep hill that only the fittest of regular cyclists can attempt and this closure has caused problems and increased pollution for the many and benefit for very few.

Started by: Jean Buckley

This ePetition ran from 14/11/2022 to 31/01/2023 and has now finished.

166 people signed this ePetition.