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Extend the Sheaf Valley Cycle route

We the undersigned petition the council to Complete and extend the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

The recent traffic filter on Little London Road has had a markedly large effect on the number of people cycling along the Sheaf Valley over the the last few months. Recent counts have seen the number of people cycling on the road increase by more than 50% month on month, and have provided a safe alternative to the main arterials of Chesterfield road and Abbeydale road which even very confident and experienced cyclists are afraid to cycle on.

However, Little London Road is only one short road, and without the full cycle route, the full potential of the scheme won't materialise. If the council are serious about decreasing Sheffield's reliance on cars, decreasing emissions and the amount of pollution we have to breath daily on the path to net zero, and increasing the mobility options for people who aren't able, don't want to or can't afford to drive, then we need proper joined up cycle networks that are safe from end to end and go to where people need to get to.

The Sheaf Valley Cycle route was proposed years ago, and the delays to finishing the route are perpetual.

We need commitment to this scheme and more. Please finish the route that has already been agreed inline with modern cycle infrastructure standards, and extend it out past Millhouses park to Dore and Totley railway station. This cycle route would then have a massive 'catchment area' which would allow those wanting to cycle, but afraid to along the busy main arterial roads that we currently have, the ability to get out of their cars.

Started by: J Cole

This ePetition ran from 17/11/2022 to 30/04/2023 and has now finished.

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