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Opposition to proposed travellers site

We the undersigned petition the council to remove the proposed travellers site from Beighton and relocate it to a more suitable location in Sheffield.

The proposed travellers site off Eckington Way is not suitable for a travellers site.

The main access road of Eckington Way is already congested, and this additional traffic would cause significant disruption.

In addition, there is already one travellers site located in Sheffield South East, another placed in the constituency would not be proportionate where there are other areas of the city that would be better suited.

Finally, the proposed site is not on the city boundaries like the current two. Placing it in the middle of a settled community does not make it suitable compared to the existing sites.

Started by: Michael Chilton

This ePetition runs from 12/01/2023 to 12/02/2023.

2568 people have signed this ePetition.