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Prevent vehicles destroying shop frontage

We the undersigned petition the council to raise kerb edge of pavement and install bollards directly outside TOTLEY DELI & CAFE, 51-53 Baslow Road, Totley, Sheffield, S17 4DL to prevent further vehicles from colliding with and crashing through the shop frontage.

On two occasions within the last four years, vehicles have crashed through the shop frontage of TOTLEY DELI & CAFE causing major damage in the region of approximately £30K on each occassion. The proprietor of this small business, Sherry Haslehurst, has been forced to close her shop on both occasions, after substantial damage was caused to the building. This in turn has resulted in upset and stress to both Ms Haslehurst and her employees, resulting in loss of income and custom. The pavement directly in front of the shop has no raised kerb edge whatsoever, providing no resilience to out of control vehicles. Had bollards been installed as a target hardening measure after the first incident on 30/07/2018, it is highly unlikely that the most recent incident on 29/12/2022 would have occurred. By sheer fluke, I was present on Baslow Road on 29/12/2022, a few seconds after the second offending vehicle crashed through the DELI shop frontage. I witnessed the total devestation caused. Moments later I spoke with the shop owner, Ms Haslehurst and saw the terrible impact this incident had on her personally. Please could I propose that a sensible option would be that the appropriate Council department take a fresh look at this matter and consider what preventitive measures can be put in place to prevent a third tragedy from happening? There is clear CCTV evidence in existence for both incidents, which I have viewed. South Yorkshire Police also attended on both occasions. It is a miracle that nobody was killed or seriously injured. This petition is about keeping our communities safe and members of the public safe which is of paramount importance as well as looking after peoples livelihoods and businesses.

Started by: Deborah Leonard

This ePetition ran from 17/01/2023 to 28/02/2023 and has now finished.

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