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Right of way, Austin Court to Woodstock Road

We the undersigned petition the council to continue to allow the right off access on a small private road that conveniently joins Austin Court to Woodstock Road, and remove the physical gate that has recently been erected.

This short private Road in Loxley has been used by some older people on Austin Court for more than 25 years. The older more infirm are now having to walk down and back up the other side, not a great issue for those of us who are fit, but for those who are finding things difficult it is a small mountain. The new folks that have moved in recently have decided to revoke access and have erected a physical gate to prevent anyone using the Road. We would like it removed and the implied right of access re-established.

Started by: Patrick Phelan

This ePetition runs from 29/04/2023 to 10/06/2023.

Nobody has yet signed this ePetition.