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Amey to clean Street properly or give back control to Sheffield council

We the undersigned petition the council to give back control with regard to the cleaning of Sheffield's streets to the City Council. Do you love going out for a walk in your local area, if the answer is yes you would expect to go out for a walk and enjoy the scenery around you. You would also expect it to be nice and clean, nice and tidy. But today around the streets of Sheffield You See streets full of litter and people going for a walk and walking in their local area which is a total mess. I could give one example of this page hall. It was a nice and tidy and beautiful. Place to live still is ,But what do we see instead on the streets of page hall and around Sheffield resident cleaning The streets, themselves because Amey the company that is employed to clean the streets, on behalf of Sheffield Council taken too long to respond to the mess people of Sheffield’s are concerned about in there local area.

Not forgetting back in 2012 Sheffield Council employed a company to refurbish Sheffield Road, the same roads that today you see full of litter. Where ever you go.

Started by: MohammedFaysal Ansar

This ePetition ran from 01/07/2023 to 22/09/2023 and has now finished.

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