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Better & Brighter Street Lighting for Walkley

We the undersigned petition the council to provide better street lighting for the people of Walkley. Currently, the far cheaper LED alternative bulbs being used in streetlights are not bright enough for young women and children in particular to feel safe walking down their own street at night. We are petitioning for the Council to replace all residential street lights in Walkley with brighter lights, and not to put concerns over cost above the safety of Walkley residents.

Brighter street lights would help the people of Walkley feel safer, especially as the nights draw in and it becomes dark earlier. For those concerned about bright lights outside their bedroom window, I would remind them that these LED lights are quite a recent change, and the brighter bulbs that were used before did not cause sleep disturbances.

Started by: Katie Memmott

This ePetition ran from 12/09/2023 to 24/10/2023 and has now finished.

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