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Infestation of pests, mould and damp in the blocks of maisonette flats on Verdon Street, S3.

We the undersigned petition the council to to fix the flats from outside and inside so the rats and mice don’t go in. Block the holes and gaps between our flat and the neighbours. Sort out all the flats instead of just one because the pests come back. Fix the mould and damp problems that we all have. We all pay rent and we need this problem sorted.

I am doing this petition for my flat and on behalf of my neighbours. We have had enough of rats and mice running around in our flats and eating our furniture, food and clothes. We have used so much poison, mice traps and mice stickers but they always come back. If one flat has twice/rats all the other flats get them. We kill around 5 mice/rats a week. There are always dead rats on the road and paths.

We have spent so much money on cleaning products for all the mould and dehumidifiers. The mould is in our wardrobes and is making us smell. Our flats smell as well. We redecorate nearly every year because of the damage from the damp and mould. We can’t open our windows to ventilate because rats and mice come in the flats from the windows and doors as well.

Started by: Akra Shaibi

This ePetition runs from 27/10/2023 to 12/12/2023.

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