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The residents of Kelham Island and Neepsend object to the proposed parking scheme for the area.

We the undersigned petition the council to immediately review the proposed parking scheme in the Kelham Island and Neepsend area. The residents of these areas object to the proposed scheme by the Sheffield City Council.

This petition objects to the new proposed parking scheme for Kelham Island and Neepsend.
This petition is from those residents whom are concerned about the implications of the new parking scheme in the Kelham Island and Neepsend community.
Some residents will be eligible for the permits, however feel the pricing is unfair and they are concerned there is a possibility they may not be granted the required number of permits per address.
Other residents live in newer complexes that have been tied into the 'car free' development scheme. Occupants that live in these developments are either tenants or owners and many require the use of a personal vehicle to travel to and from work or other personal needs. On street parking is widely used by these residents as well as the other residents of Kelham and Neepsend.
Many residents have lived within the community for a significant amount of time. Some of those that moved into 'car free' developments have been subject to a change of circumstances over this time, for example job location, employment, family additions or other personal reasons. This means that residents do require the use of a vehicle and use the on street parking in the area.
Many residents are currently affected by the cost of living crisis, where rents have been raised and mortgage rates have gone up. This means they are unable to buy or secure a new premise elsewhere or find suitable and affordable new tenancy agreements. There is currently a rental crisis and not enough properties available for the demand.

This leaves some residents in a predicament where they are unable to move.

Even those that may be eligible for permits are concerned at the cost of these and also how this will impact them. Some residencies, for example, are multi occupancy and have a number of working adult professionals that require the use of their own vehicles.
There are a number of differing situations and reasons that many residents could individually list and this petition certainly does not exhaust those.

The residents of Kelham Island and Neepsend object to the proposed parking scheme and would like this reviewed with the below considerations;

The parking scheme does not support and consider the lifestyles, commitments and the living positions of ALL of the residents and the community and will have major impactive effects on their finances and daily life.

Started by: Ruby Nimmo

This ePetition runs from 01/11/2023 to 31/12/2023.

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