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Save Land at Rock Street and Neville Drive as Community Green Space

We the undersigned petition the council to withdraw the sale of the green space at Rock Street and Neville Drive (S3 9JB) to instead preserve it for use as a community green space. Recognising the critical shortage of council-run allotments and community green spaces in the local Burngreave and Kelham neighbourhoods, we urge the council to reconsider the sale of this land for private development. Instead, we propose that the space be repurposed for the benefit of the community, either as social housing or as a dedicated green area accessible to all residents. We therefore request the council to: - Reevaluate the decision to sell council-owned green spaces, particularly the 2 acres at Rock Street and Neville Drive (S3 9JB). -Consider alternative uses for the land that prioritise the well-being and recreational needs of the local community, such as community gardens, allotments, public parks, or social housing. -Engage in open dialogue with local residents to gather input on the future use of this green space.

We are greatly concerned by Sheffield Council's recent decision to put up five council-owned green spaces for private sale, including 2 acres of land at Rock Street and Neville Drive (S3 9JB). In light of the limited access to community green spaces in the Burngreave and Kelham areas, we believe that preserving this land as a community green space is crucial for the well-being and recreational needs of local residents.

The local areas of Burngreave and Kelham are underserved in their access to community green spaces, such as council-run gardens or allotments. If the council's suggestion that 24 privately owned dwellings be built on the land is carried out, this will not only remove a large area of green space from the existing community but also increase the local demand for accessible green spaces.

It is well-known that once publicly owned land is sold, the chances of it being returned to public ownership are slim. Therefore, we strongly advocate for a comprehensive plan to retain public ownership of this green space, ensuring its continued use for the greater good of the local community.

Started by: Georgia Milne

This ePetition runs from 01/12/2023 to 12/03/2024.

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