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To find a solution to tackle the Waste and recycling service for once, and for all

We the undersigned petition the council to Have you heard in the Sheffield star that Sheffield household Waste/recycling service is not what it seems, why because in 2018, Sheffield Council, decided to move the recycling service for paper and cardboard glass, metal and plastics to a monthly recycling service, to try to save money and try to improve recycling service in Sheffield, today almost 6 years on, we are getting a Waste/recycling service that is just not and is not good enough for households in Sheffield. Why do I say this it is because the Only items recycled are . E.g plastics/ bottles, metals.glass . Everything else goes in the black bins, when some of those items in the black bin could be recycled, e.g. yoghurt, pots, margarine tubs, metal trays, not forgetting Sheffield Council did the trial in 2022 for food Waste. That could also be apart of the options.

So here,is what I say, when and how to improve the Waste and recycling service,

1. to use the spare black bin for extra recycling, e.g. paper, cardboard, or metal glass and plastics. So peoples recycling bin do not Overflow. And I say this, because when it comes to collection day some of the paper/cardboard for the blue bin on the day, some of the paper and cardboard instead ends up in the black bin because it is too wet to recycle.

2. Or Let household use it for extra items. From the brown bin e.g plastic, metal, glass.

3. To use the spare black bin for food Waste. Why do I say this because recently Sheffield Council decided to delay starting the food waste Service for Sheffield household Until past 2030, and this was because of the contract they have with veolia, which right now is costing the council too much to run. Plus the council promised, 2023 would be the start of the food Waste service for all Sheffield household. A promise. They have not kept.

4. Or look on the Sheffield council, petition, page to see if there are any ideas from previous petitions that could just solve the problem. For a waste, and recycling service which is just not working.

Started by: MohammedFaysal Ansar

This ePetition ran from 10/01/2024 to 09/02/2024 and has now finished.

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