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Stand with Palestine

We the undersigned petition the council to 1) Welcome the work of the International Court of Justice as it proceeds to try Israel for genocide and issue a statement saying that they stand in “unity and solidarity” with Palestinians [as the Council did with Ukrainians] 2) Accept the Amnesty International designation: “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity" and declare Sheffield an “Israeli Apartheid Free Zone” [as the Council did in 1981 in relation to South Africa] 3) Have the above two issues debated in full Council in the interests of democracy.

Gaza is enduring barbaric genocidal attacks in which the victims are predominantly children and women. 30,000 have been killed so far, of whom 11,000 are children, thousands are buried in the rubble, presumed dead. The injured and those close to starvation face an unimaginable future and the final “safe” refuge of Rafah is now under attack.

In the West Bank, Palestinians are being expelled from their lands, hundreds killed and 7,000 held hostage in Israeli jails, without charge or trial.

This is the culmination of 75 years of policies designed to discriminate against, displace and ultimately remove all Palestinian people.

Started by: Jon Cowley (Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid)

This ePetition ran from 14/02/2024 to 27/03/2024 and has now finished.

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