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Sheffield Council to give Sheffield Households a Container to Recycle Glass

We the undersigned petition the council to Provide households with a separate container. Do you wonder why your brown bin for recycling plastic, metal, and glass is so full at the end of the month? It is because Sheffield Council wanted to save £175,000 a year from the Sheffield household waste/recycling service. Has it paid off, the answer is no? Why? It is because there is too much plastic, metal and glass to recycle in the brown bin. A Sheffield glass company that recycles glass is wanting to achieve a 90% recycling target for recycling glass by 2030, which is not that far away. How do Sheffield Council expect to help achieve this target, when all the glass from Sheffield households are recycled in the same recycling bin as metal and plastic. This is not fair on Sheffield households or on the glass company that recycled the glass we all use.

Furthermore, there was a petrol crisis not so long ago in the UK and if Sheffield households have to take some of their glass jars/bottles to the recycling centre/supermarket, it's not all that good for the environment if so many cars are on the road at the same time, not forgetting if Sheffield drivers, have to drive through the town centre to get to a supermarket/household recycling centre, they will be charged for it and that is another problem for households to solve . These problems are all just to help Sheffield Council/Veolia to hit the recycling targets. Not forgetting if the brown bin is full at the end of the month, so many people are still tempted to throw the extra waste/recycling by the roadside street bins.

This is why I asked Sheffield Council to provide a container so Sheffield households can recycle glass and so Sheffield households can help Sheffield Council/Veolia hit the recycling targets. They need to help Sheffield move forward to a clean, healthier future.

Started by: MohammedFaysal Ansar

This ePetition runs from 24/02/2024 to 31/12/2024.

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