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Residents Only Parking on Castle Croft Drive, S22BF and S22BZ

We the undersigned petition the council to Implement a residents only parking scheme, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm for Castle Croft Drive.

For the last eight years residents of Castle Croft Drive have been requesting parking restrictions. Our lives are blighted on a daily basis by the influx of 50 to 60 vehicles using our road as free parking. This results in pavements and driveways being blocked, speeding by some drivers, parking on blind bends, restricted access for large and emergency vehicles, pollution, ASB including drug taking, loud music and litter. Residents are faced with abuse and threats on a regular basis if they ask drivers to move their vehicles away from driveways. We are reporting parking issues and associated behaviour to SYP daily. The situation is impacting on our safety, that of our children and pets and our mental health. It is intolerable.

Started by: Jane Hilton

This ePetition runs from 18/03/2024 to 29/04/2024.

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