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We the undersigned petition the council to Impose sensible planning constraints to reduce the environmental and community impact of the proposed IBA processing expansion by employing best available techniques to manage the additional atmospheric/dust pollution, and restricting weekend working.

Residents in the locality of Beeley Wood Salvage Depot object to the prosed expansion of the IBA reprocessing plant (Planning Ref 24/00920/FUL) because of significant increases in: -

• Fine dust / atmospheric pollution including PM10 & PM2.5 particulate matter from storage silos and offloading operations. Submitted plan does not include covered storage of the open storage silos, is over reliant on subjective ‘visual’ monitoring which cannot prevent emissions to atmosphere of the finer particulate matter. Winds will distribute this into the Wadsley Park Village housing estate, but there are also a number of sensitive receptors such as Schools and Nurseries in the fall out zone.
• The spread and increase in height (from 8 to 12m) of the open storage silos will cause significant degradation of public and community visual amenity, across the valley from Worrall Lane towards the Beeley Wood Ancient Woodland. No attempt to provide screening from this aspect has been included.
• Nuisance noise by expanding weekday operating late into the evening, and allowing operation on Sunday, removing the only day when there is respite from heavy road traffic on the A6102.
• Expanded operating hours will increase light pollution from the site in the winter months when tree cover is missing.
• Odour – worsening of the wet concreate smell hanging around the public cycle path at the Beeley Wood end.
• HGV traffic movements along Clay Wheels Lane, adding to pollution and road noise suffered by people living on the lane with no management provision to minimise the ‘normal’ Leppings Lane heavy traffic at the crossroads and the chaos when there is a football match.
Plans and consultant reports do not consider the cumulative health and environmental impacts of many other dusty & noisy process operations on Clay Wheels Lane, it is incumbent on the applicant to take measures which prevent the additional pollution reaching a tipping point.

Started by: Chris Rowan

This ePetition runs from 15/05/2024 to 26/08/2024.

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